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Financial Highlights
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 2017 FQ2 YTD2016 FY2015 FY2014 FY2013 FY
Period Ended6/30/201712/31/201612/31/201512/31/201412/31/2013
Balance Sheet ($000)   
Total Assets Charticon1,020,4951,002,110897,038749,665671,853
Total Net Loans Charticon614,082601,104530,394446,492411,156
Total Deposits Charticon925,786914,093814,691669,581602,633
Equity Attributable to Parent Company Charticon88,10082,45078,26375,04164,517
Total Equity Charticon88,10082,45078,26375,04164,517
Profitability (%)   
Net Income ($000)  Charticon5,0377,6654,9087,1225,886
Net Income Attributable to Parent ($000)  Charticon5,0377,6654,9087,1225,886
ROAA Charticon1.020.830.631.030.90
Core ROAA Charticon0.850.850.791.010.90
ROAE Charticon11.869.436.4110.078.99
ROATCE Charticon12.5710.096.4610.079.10
Core ROAE Charticon9.939.657.999.888.96
Net Interest Margin Charticon3.693.813.664.114.13
Reported: Net Interest Margin Charticon3.723.813.664.114.13
Efficiency Ratio Charticon63.3664.6967.9868.2466.35
Noninterest Inc / Operating Rev Charticon11.6412.1513.1212.3211.71
Balance Sheet Ratios (%)   
Loans / Deposits Charticon67.1866.6266.0167.8169.50
Securities / Assets Charticon17.5816.3815.0816.6118.00
Total Equity / Total Assets Charticon8.638.238.7210.019.60
Tangible Equity / Tangible Assets Charticon8.267.848.2810.019.60
Tang Common Equity / Tang Assets Charticon8.267.848.2810.019.60
Asset Quality (%)   
NPAs / Assets Charticon0.370.480.960.820.57
NPA Excl Restructured / Assets Charticon0.320.420.880.740.48
NPAs & 90+ PD / Assets Charticon0.370.480.960.820.57
NPAs / Loans & REO Charticon0.610.791.601.350.91
Nonaccrual & 90+ & OREO / Assets Charticon0.320.420.880.740.48
NPAs & 90+ PD / Loans & REO Charticon0.610.791.601.350.91
NPA & Loans 90+ / Tangible Common Equity + LLR Charticon4.115.5610.647.455.31
NCOs / Avg Loans Charticon000.01(0.41)0.16
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans Charticon1.261.291.371.661.83
Reserves / NPAs Charticon207.89163.4785.07122.46199.66
Loan Loss Provision / NCO Charticon269.23NM(235.85)NM48.70
Capital Adequacy  ()  
Tier 1 Common Capital (CET1) ($000)  Charticon82,86878,85072,98073,02065,122
Tier 1 Capital ($000)  Charticon82,86878,85072,98073,02065,122
Tier 2 Capital ($000)  Charticon8,1568,1167,594NANA
Total Capital ($000)  Charticon91,02486,96680,57479,87371,313
Total Risk-weighted Assets ($000)  Charticon796,808765,534666,907547,316493,465
Tier 1 Common Capital (CET1) Ratio (%)  Charticon10.4010.3011.0013.3413.20
Tier 1 Ratio (%)  Charticon10.4010.3011.0013.3413.20
Total Capital Ratio (%)  Charticon11.5011.3012.1014.5214.45
Liquidity Coverage Ratio (%)  CharticonNANANANANA
Leverage Ratio (%)  Charticon8.308.109.0010.159.73
Basel III Leverage Ratio (%)  CharticonNANANANANA
Per Share Information ($)   
Common Shares Outstanding (actual)  Charticon8,089,7058,088,4558,078,1558,074,8557,929,730
Avg Diluted Shares (actual)  Charticon8,075,9228,082,6578,036,8457,992,7317,846,078
Basic Book Value per Share Charticon10.8910.199.699.298.14
As-reported Book Value per Share Charticon10.8910.199.699.298.14
Basic Tangible Book Value per Share Charticon10.389.689.159.298.14
Reported: Tangible Book Value CharticonNANANA9.298.14
Common Dividends Declared per Share Charticon0.
EPS after Extra Charticon0.620.950.610.890.74
EPS after Extra Growth (%)  Charticon47.6055.70(31.5)20.307.20
Core EPS Charticon0.520.970.760.870.74
Core EPS Growth (%)  Charticon19.0028.00(13.0)18.308.40
Diluted EPS before Amortization Charticon0.630.970.610.890.74
Pre-Provision Earnings per Share Charticon0.510.950.700.700.72
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