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Deposit Loan Composition
 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/201512/31/2016
Loan Composition (%)   
Total Gross Loans ($000)  Charticon418,815454,026537,750610,949
Gross Loans HFI Growth Charticon7.288.4118.4413.61
1-4 Family Loans / Loans CharticonNA3.713.95NA
Multifamily Loans / Loans CharticonNA5.785.21NA
Commercial Real Estate Loans / Loans CharticonNA68.8067.95NA
Commercial & Multifamily Real Estate Loans / Loans Charticon73.1074.5873.17NA
Real Estate Loans / Loans CharticonNA78.2877.11NA
Construction & Development Loans / Loans Charticon6.384.365.50NA
Home Equity Loans / Loans CharticonNA1.902.11NA
Credit Card Loans / Loans Charticon000NA
Vehicle Loans / Loans Charticon000NA
Other Consumer Loans / Loans Charticon0.210.180.14NA
Consumer Loans / Loans CharticonNA2.082.26NA
Commercial Loans / Loans Charticon14.3415.3715.74NA
Foreign Loans / Loans Charticon000NA
Other Loans / Loans CharticonNA00NA
Unearned Income and Other Adjustments / Loans Charticon(0.15)(0.10)(0.61)NA
Deposit Composition (%)   
Total Deposits ($000)  Charticon602,633669,581814,691914,093
Deposit Growth Charticon2.6611.1121.6712.20
Transaction Acct Deps / Tot Deps Charticon46.1949.9350.33NA
Savings Acct Deps / Tot Deposits Charticon5.775.898.79NA
Money Mkt Deps / Tot Deposits Charticon39.2536.9534.67NA
MMDA & Savings / Total Deposits Charticon45.0242.8443.46NA
Retail Time Deps / Tot Deposits Charticon3.112.502.27NA
Jumbo Time Deposits / Deposits Charticon5.684.723.94NA
Tot Time Deposits / Tot Deposits Charticon8.797.236.21NA
Foreign Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon0000
Other Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon0000
Non-CDs / Total Deposits Charticon91.2192.7793.79NA
Core Deposits / Total Deposits Charticon94.3295.2896.06NA
Noninterest-bearing Deposits / Deposits Charticon31.1333.7534.29NA
Interest-bearing Deposits / Deposits Charticon68.8766.2565.71NA

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