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Balance Sheet
 2013 Y 2014 Y 2015 Y 2016 Y
Period Ended12/31/201312/31/201412/31/201512/31/2016
Assets ($000)   
Cash and Due from Banks Charticon18,80748,03622,666NA
Fed Funds Sold Charticon5,09512,21015,825NA
Deposits at Financial Institutions Charticon81,28984,042152,112NA
Securities Purchased, to Resell Charticon000NA
Other Cash & Cash Equivalents Charticon000NA
Cash and Cash Equivalents Charticon105,191144,288190,603NA
Trading Account Securities Charticon0000
Available for Sale Securities Charticon117,746121,277131,546NA
Held to Maturity Securities Charticon0000
Other Securities Charticon3,1703,2753,716NA
Total Cash & Securities Charticon226,106268,840325,865NA
Gross Loans Held for Investment Charticon418,815454,026537,750610,949
Loan Loss Reserve Charticon7,6597,5347,3567,832
Loans Held for Sale, before Reserves Charticon0000
Total Net Loans Charticon411,156446,492530,394603,117
Real Estate Owned and Held for Investment Charticon1,4321,3392,454NA
Goodwill Charticon003,3123,312
Core Deposit Intangibles Charticon001,031872
Other Intangibles Charticon0000
Intangible Assets other than Goodwill Charticon001,031872
Total Intangible Assets Charticon004,3434,184
Loan Servicing Rights Charticon0000
Credit Card Rights Charticon0000
Other Loan Servicing Rights Charticon0000
Total Servicing Rights Charticon0000
Fixed Assets Charticon13,68414,06614,277NA
Interest Receivable Charticon2,0112,0242,420NA
Prepaid Expense CharticonNANANANA
Bank-owned Life Insurance Charticon12,08313,54913,747NA
Other Assets Charticon5,3803,3553,538NA
Total Other Assets Charticon33,15932,99433,982NA
Total Assets Charticon671,853749,665897,0381,001,423
Memo: Consolidated VIE Assets Charticon000NA
Memo: Covered Loans Charticon0000
Memo: Covered OREO Charticon0000
Memo: Covered Securities Charticon0000
Memo: Covered Assets Charticon0000
Liabilities ($000)   
Total Deposits Charticon602,633669,581814,691914,093
FHLB Borrowings Charticon000NA
Senior Debt Charticon000NA
Trust Preferred (FAS 150) Charticon0000
Total Subordinated Debt Charticon0000
Redeemable Financial Instruments (FAS 150) Charticon0000
Total Debt Charticon000NA
Total Other Liabilities Charticon4,7025,0434,084NA
Total Liabilities Charticon607,336674,624818,775918,973
Memo: Consolidated VIE Liabilities Charticon000NA
Mezzanine ($000)   
Redeemable Preferred Charticon0000
Trust Preferred Securities Charticon0000
Total Minority Interest Charticon0000
Other Mezzanine Items Charticon0000
Total Mezzanine Level Items Charticon0000
Equity ($000)   
TARP Preferred Equity Charticon0000
Other Preferred Equity Charticon0000
Total Preferred Equity Charticon0000
Common Equity Charticon64,51775,04178,26382,450
Equity Attributable to Parent Company Charticon64,51775,04178,26382,450
Noncontrolling Interests Charticon0000
Total Equity Charticon64,51775,04178,26382,450
Net Unrealized Gain Charticon (763) 1,8671,569NA
Tot Acc Other Comprehensive Inc Charticon(763)1,8671,569NA
Balance Sheet Analysis (%)   
Gross Loans HFI / Total Assets Charticon62.3460.5659.9561.01
Loans / Deposits Charticon69.5067.8166.0166.84
Loan Loss Reserves / Gross Loans Charticon1.831.661.371.28
Reserves / Loans Held For Investment Charticon1.831.661.371.28
One Year Gap / Assets CharticonNANANANA
1-4 Loans Serviced for Others ($000)  Charticon0000
Level 1 Assets ($000)  Charticon2,8182,9723,009NA
Level 2 Assets ($000)  Charticon114,928118,305126,061NA
Level 3 Assets ($000)  Charticon1,7073,7986,507NA
Level 1 Liabilities ($000)  Charticon000NA
Level 2 Liabilities ($000)  Charticon000NA
Level 3 Liabilities ($000)  Charticon000NA
FTE Employees (actual)  Charticon130142151163
Annualized Growth Rates (%)   
Asset Growth Charticon1.7111.5819.6611.64
Gross Loans HFI Growth Charticon7.288.4118.4413.61
Deposit Growth Charticon2.6611.1121.6712.20
Average Balances ($000)   
Avg Gross Loans HFI Charticon396,953430,448466,509579,525
Avg Loans HFS Charticon0000
Average Loans, Gross of Reserves Charticon396,953430,448466,509579,525
Avg Securities Charticon114,358121,400126,043NA
Avg Other Int Earn Assets Charticon90,50981,803125,632NA
Avg Secs & Other Int Earn Assets Charticon204,867203,203251,675247,929
Avg Interest Earning Assets Charticon601,820633,651718,184827,454
Avg Assets Charticon651,373693,018775,540927,774
Avg CDs Charticon55,37250,97247,500NA
Avg Other Interest-bearing Deposits Charticon369,986391,974448,045NA
Avg Interest-bearing Deposits Charticon425,358442,946495,545NA
Avg Debt Charticon1212NA
Avg Interest-bearing Liabs Charticon425,359442,948495,557NA
Avg Noninterest-bearing Deposits Charticon156,629175,329199,446NA
Avg Total Deposits Charticon581,987618,275694,991842,315
Avg Preferred Equity Charticon844000
Avg Common Equity Charticon63,94170,69476,53881,132
Avg Equity Charticon65,49370,69476,53881,132

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